Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Newest Member of the Axis of Evil.....Bhutan?........

Three of the cold-hearted citizens of Bhutan 

With last week's tragic attack in Boston, recent provocative statements taken by North Korea, and the start of Major League baseball, it could be understandable that certain global events could have taken place beneath the radar of the American Intelligence community. Luckily, we have Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) to expose the growing threat to the American way of life that is the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Last week, Congressman McCaul co-sponsored a bill in the US House of Representatives that sought to have the United States normalize diplomatic relations with Taiwan.  On McCaul's Congressional website, there is a statement regarding the reason behind the bill. Within this statement were two sentences that caught this authors eye:

"Today, Taiwan is one of only five countries in the world with which the United States does not have diplomatic relations.  Taiwan does not deserve to be associated with bad actors such as Bhutan, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea."


While this little-known Kingdom has always been of interest to me, I was needless to say shocked about this recent intelligence windfall that has shattered my perceptions of Bhutan.  As painful as it was, it became necessary for me to delve deeper into the newest member of the "bad actor club".

The Government of Bhutan:

In 2005, Bhutan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck announced to his nation that national elections would take place in three years time that would dilute the powers of Bhutan's absolute monarchy, and transition into a constitutional monarchy.  The power hungry King followed through on this decree and elections peacefully proceeded in 2008.  Wangchuck further consolidated his power by declaring that himself and future kings could be impeached by a two-thirds vote in Bhutan's National Assembly.

The ego of King Wangchuck is equal to the size of his country

Human Rights:  In the past decade, Bhutan has introduced a brutal method of suppression in which it can closely monitor even the most closely  guarded feelings of its people.

Armed Forces: 
It is without question that  the budget and resources of Bhutan's military forces is just cause for America's top military brass to endure sleepless nights.  It is believed that Bhutan's military budget is in the neighborhood of $13.7 million, or a little less than half of the 2013 salary to Yankees inactive third baseman, Alex Rodriguez.

Below are some photos of Bhutan's elite military units

Bhutan's feared 2nd artillery corps

The 7th armored division of Bhutan's Army is widely feared throughout Central Asia.

Bhutan's basic training for its marines is known to rank among the most grueling of the world's military units

 As shown by this picture, Bhutan's government's complete disregard for the environment allows for heavy layers of smog to hide many of its reported chemical and biological storage facilities.

One can only hope that Congressman McCaul's raising of the issue regarding this bloodthirsty nation's ambitions does not fall on deaf ears in Washington before it is too late.


  1. I have been following closely the evolution of democracy in Bhutan, I admire the direction and intent of these actions. The US would have something to learn from them. McCaul should look beyond his limited horizon to realize that there are good things going on outside the US and a lot of bad things going on in the US

  2. the pictures and comments - maann did i laugh !

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the absurdity of it all :}